Friday, 4 November 2016

Understanding Material behavior - material science learning made interactive,

Dear friends,

  Are you wishing to take a course on material science? For any field of engineering, material science is an important thing to get acquainted with in the current scenario of stingent property requirements.

 Now-a-days a bunch of online courses are available for learning various science and engineering topics. Similar case for material science as well.

 Recently I found a nicely organised interactive course content for material science in university of Cambridge website.

Link :

"Teaching and learning packages (TLPs) are self-contained, interactive resources, each focusing on one area of Materials Science."

This will be very useful for students, practising engineers as well as teachers.

Besides this,

There are courses in in which comprehensive material is given for different subtopics in material science. If course is not ON, you can audit the content/go through archived material.

Thank you.

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