Guide the technology to help our country.

               Technology has improved to such a degree that engineers can even our land area into sea to build structures like Palm tree as in Saudi Arabia. If technology is advancing that much, can’t we even decrease the loss of natural disasters.
               It is high time for us to take a step towards the natural disasters. This is rainy season in most of Indian states. More than expected, this year the rainfall is very high in Andhra Pradesh. Both Godavari and Krishna are flooding with water.
Apart from earthquakes, floods have an advantage of being predictable. It is a usual phenomenon that every year whenever the rainfall is heavy there may be the threat of flood.
                    Already Uttarakhand has suffered from it. We paid thousands of deaths as a cost of our negligence and backwardness in using technology advances. Here the question divides into two main parts.                         
             1.      These natural disasters are due to spoiling the nature in the Himalayas by cutting trees for the development of tourism.
Development of tourism is definitely an unavoidable thing because most of the Hindu temples are located in Himalayas and so there is definitely a flood of tourists every year. But at the same time this became a serious threat. That is why, Sunderlal Bahuguna started ‘The Chipko’ movement.
Our responsibility, now, is how to satisfy both the needs, that is developing the area as tourist friendly as well as conserving the forest area and natural resources.                
             2.    Due to the weak river banks. The river banks should sustain the flood in rainy season. It is quite a natural thing everybody could have known. Where is the problem in using the available technology?
Here are some techniques for the measures to be taken in flood times.
 i.      Flood maps:      The officers in the concerning department should make a detail map of weak river banks in their respective areas and if they are damages how much area is flooded and how much would be the loss for both crops and humans. This is an ease of access method to take necessary steps in those areas.
 ii.      Using portable inflatable tubes:  These are made of threads and can reduce the leakages in the river banks. Presently we are using sand bags for that purpose but these PITs are very effective.
 iii.      Self-closing river flood barriers:  We can insert these self-closing river flood barriers in the river upstream to the place where the river bank is weak. They will prevent the breakdown of river banks in weak areas. 
 iv.      Geo textile sheet:  This is like a synthetic fiber. It is used recently in our state to prevent erosion of river banks. It is imported from Malaysia.
 v.      Rescuing team: Having a rescuing team equipped with rafts, life jackets etc. in the concerning department.
So my dear engineers…!!!
Please help our country with your valuable ideas. Add to the strengths of our India. 

Gift your knowledge and experience to the welfare our country.

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